“The patient is placed in a comfortable position lying on its side. Position your body so that you are behind the back limbs.
To stretch the stifle in extension, the upper hand is placed on the lower portion of the thigh. Place the other hand on the back portion of the upper shin. Be certain that the stifle joint is supported to avoid any undue stress to the joint.
Begin by slowly and gently extending the stifle joint. The other joints of the limb should be allowed to remain in a neutral position (a position as if the animal were standing).
Try not to move the other joints while working on the affected joint because some joints may be restricted by the position of the joints above or below the target joint.
Slowly continue to extend the joint, stopping before the patient shows initial signs of discomfort, such as tensing the muscles, moving, turning the head toward the therapist, or trying to pull away. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds.”