Telehealth Solutions for Busy Chiropractors

Chiromove’s platform offers more than exercise programs and administration. Through our secure video conferencing feature, you can give your patients more face time and improve their results.

Why You And Your Clients Will Love Our Telehealth Solution

With our state-of-the-art telehealth platform, you can take control of your schedule while giving your clients the convenience and access they want.

Does A Client Need Help Getting An Exercise Just Right?

A brief video consultation can help you identify the problem and offer modification techniques. Our video-conferencing software is fast to launch and easy to use.

Do You Have Clients Who Aren’t Able To Come To You In Person?

It’s important that a canine’s rehab schedule continues uninterrupted. Whether your clients are stuck at home, quarantining, or on vacation, you can guide them through new exercises and monitor their progress remotely.

Do You Want The Option Of Working From Home?

Let your clients book virtual consultations on the days you wish to work from home. Take control of your schedule, while giving your clients choice and convenience.
Telehealth Solution

Virtual Consultations are now at your Fingertips

When someone needs a chiropractor, chances are they aren’t always up for an office visit. Telehealth offers you a chance to connect with patients one on one so you can check in and give them therapy suggestions right from their app.

Make Virtual Consultations and Rehab a Walk in the Park

Our telehealth solution is simple to navigate. It’s designed to work perfectly on any screen, whether it’s a tablet, laptop, or phone. There’s no software to download and no fee for your clients—just a great-looking platform that’s easy to navigate, even for those who aren’t used to videoconferencing technology.

Plus, our telehealth platform is securely and seamlessly integrated with our Canine Exercise Solutions client portal. That means you can host a virtual appointment, and if physical rehab is involved, you and your client can simultaneously navigate our client portal to find exercise guides, or view their canine’s home rehab program together, while still seeing each other.

Telehealth Solution

Easy As 1, 2, 3!

  1. Launch a virtual visit with our end-to-end encrypted software with just one click.
  2. Your client gets a request to join the call. They simply click it to accept.
  3. Now you’re connected via video chat. As you chat, you can easily view your client’s exercise program and track the dog’s progress.

Try it today, commitment-free

Take control of your practice with software that saves you time, saves you money and helps streamline your patient care.