Why ChiroMove

For Doctor of Chiropractic

  • Patients Love it.
  • Offers a wide range of videos/pictures exercises.
  • Precise searching.
  • Well organized exercises.
  • Friendly and available customer service.
  • Flexibility / Customizability.
  • Send programs by email.
  • Add your own exercises with videos.
  • Integrated with clinic's website.
  • Integrated with EMR / Clinic management software.

For Patients

  • View Online videos of each exercise of their home exercise program.
  • Get on board on the proposed treatment and see benefits.
  • Access to their HEP on Smart Phones, Tablets and computers of all kinds.
  • Better execute specific movements the first time by watching videos which lowers the risk of injuring themselves.
  • More motivated and better compliance to HEP.
  • Clear hand-outs with Professional studio pictures and clear written instructions.
  • Print lost programs themselves.


  • Send programs by email
  • Customize email sent
  • Send program with your email tool or directly from Physiotec
  • Print program in 6 different formats
  • Set an expiration date for each online program if desired
  • Create pre-made templates
  • Use more 100 Physiotec pre-made template
  • Customize templates for each patient
  • Progress patient home exercise program
  • Assign a patient's HEP to another patient
  • Add your own videos and pictures or request us to do it for you
  • Customize Instructions and the exercise
  • Name and save it under your profile... edit it once!
  • Ability to mirror the model from left to right
  • Swap pictures from beginning to end
  • Multi location settings
  • Corporate protocols
  • Retrieve password if lost
  • Save program as PDF for EMR
  • Print a summary page for paper chart
  • Search exercises by key words
  • Search exercises by check boxes
  • Clone existing Physiotec exercises
  • Work in different languages
  • Send programs and instructions in patient's language: Spanish, English and French
  • Manage/create users (professionals) within the clinic/Hospital
  • Pause access to users
  • Delete users

Integrated Patient Portal

Benefit from having your patients accessing their home exercise program through your clinic's website. Each program sent to your patient is a link to your website. Patients can easily view their custom made HEP through your clinic website than spend time on your website and know more about different services you may offer.

This integration is beneficial to:

Increase professionalism drive massive traffic on your website grow popularity (SEO) of your website so it's easier to find when searching for service you provide.

How do you set this up?

Our web developers will manage setting this up with your website developers. It's simple and straight forward and should take them less than 20 minutes.

If you don't have web a developer,we'll take care of it for you!Our developer will set it up at no cost. We'll just need the proper access.